Patented Wireless Expense Management

Patented Wireless Expense Management

Attaining such high levels of savings for our clients is possible because of our patented wireless expense management process. This five-step process ensures accurate benchmarking, dramatic wireless telecom expense reduction and completely transparent reporting.

We start by taking a “baseline” – or in other words, we audit and analyze your current wireless billings, and then develop an optimized plan (best fit for actual usage) for this user or group of users. This helps manage common billing components across all wireless carriers and wireless rate plans.

The next step is the continual wireless management, optimization and readjustment based off the previous month’s wireless invoices and historical usage trends. To best illustrate this process, please refer to the decision tree below.

wireless expense management diagram

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Want to take a closer look at our patent? Click the PDF document below to view the entire filing.

patented wireless telecom expense management