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But Boss, the elephant ate my smartphone: a Short Case Study on Insurance

Sure, the dog ate your homework and the elephant ate your smartphone; we feel like we’ve heard them […]

Bill Police BRAVOs

Recently, we had the opportunity to hear some great things about our work.  We thought we share some […]

This is what WE mean when we think of POLICE……II

  We’ll say it again….we know lots of people do not have a warm spot in their hearts […]

Locked and Loaded New Device Holder for Women?

Hey GIRLS……Are you packing with your Smartphone? I think these folks should convert this to a wireless device […]

Verizon Announces New Share Everything Plans for Business

Make sure to check out the announcement on Verizon’s Share Everything Plan for Business. This plan, like the […]

A Case Study on Wireless Savings Credits

We just conducted a review for one of our customers and saw that we saved a total of […]

Still Time to Realize Year End Budget Savings!

Still need to cut some more dollars out of your budget? Why not reduce your wireless bill by […]

The Bill Police Announce New Wireless Savings APP

Have you ever thought you are paying too much for wireless service but have no idea what to […]

This is what WE mean when we think of POLICE……

People either love or hate our name, The Bill Police – but they never forget it.

Answers to Headline (HLN) News Recent Story on Struggling to Pay your Smartphone Bill

Recently, Clark Howard of CNN’s headline news reported that people are using their Smartphones so much they are struggling to pay those high bills. Here’s our answer:

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