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“I loved the fact they took over the negotiation w/ [our carrier]. We used them as a hammer effectively, and their knowledge of what the phone companies are really doing put [our carrier] over a bit of a barrel. Which, I admit, the sadistic streak in me enjoyed immensely.”
IT Manager

“The Bill Police was introduced to us, and I was very much against turning over this responsibility to another company and then having to pay them for something I could, and was, doing. I was extremely cautious that another company would be as detailed and specific as we are with our account, and reluctantly agreed to give The Bill Police a try.

Turns out the quality of their services, their attention to detail and their quick response for every issue that comes up is handled promptly and efficiently. So instead of many of us working overtime and long hours, taking work home and on vacation and sitting on hold to resolve issues, we simply turn over our problems/questions to The Bill Police and they resolve every one of them.”
Contracting Executive

“Just a quick note to thank you and the team for the great work and diligence that The Bill Police team has brought to our account for over a year now. Unanimously [we] think that this has been a huge value-add to [our organization]”
Non-Profit Director

“Although I’m new to the whole wireless game, The Bill Police has already proven to be a huge value add to [our company], both in terms of cost reductions through optimization of our monthly wireless spend, and as a key partner in our evaluation of carriers and the packages/products they propose to us. Your analysis, customer focus, knowledge of the industry and consistently fast turnaround has enabled us to make timely and informed decisions that positively contribute to our bottom-line. Thank you for your partnership!”
Financial Executive

“They are a must for any company with mobile workers.”
Contracting Firm Owner

“My experience working with Bill Police has been wonderful. The knowledge and experience they have demonstrated has made my job so much more manageable when working with our wireless providers. They are very thorough in their analysis and recommendations, which has saved our company a good amount of money. One of the nicest attributes, I believe, is their prompt and friendly service. If I have a question, they have an answer. If there is an issue, they can solve it. I am very happy to have found the support in Bill Police and would highly endorse their capabilities.”
Energy Executive

“The simplified billing summary along with the analysis done by The Bill Police saves us time and money. We no longer need to be concerned about overpaying on wireless.”
Home Remodeling Executive

“I strongly urge any prudent business person to investigate what The Bill Police can do for them.”
Interior Design Firm Owner