Wireless Management

Wireless Telecom Expense Management

How much is your company overspending on wireless telecom?

If you are like most busy executives, you probably didn’t realize you were overspending at all.

The shocking truth – most organizations are spending between 15-50% MORE than necessary on wireless telecommunications.

This can mean tens, if not hundreds of thousands of precious dollars wasted every month on unused minutes, data and billing discrepancies.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution.

The Bill Police™ are wireless expense industry experts who provide clients with a completely outsourced wireless management solution. We leverage our powerful patented 5-step process and proprietary technology to identify profit-draining areas of overspend.

Wireless Management Cycle

Patented 5-Step Wireless Expense Management Process

Immediate Wireless Savings

Because we are completely carrier-independent, we can begin working within your existing wireless environment immediately. Absolutely no need to ever switch equipment or carriers.

In fact, within 30 days, most clients’ total wireless expenses are reduced by 25% – in some cases up to 47%.

It’s not uncommon for a period of silence after new clients receive their first baseline report. Most clients literally can not believe the amount of overspend they have accrued since their organization began its wireless program.

With instant 30-day results, zero “out-of-pocket” expenses, and absolutely no risk or hassle, you can rest assured that The Bill Police™ will deliver big results – in fact, we guarantee it.

Being carrier-independent also means that we are not incentivized by carriers to recommend more expensive plans for a commission or “kick back” from the carrier.

We will never accept ANY sort of gift, payment, or incentive from ANY carrier, period. Our clients’ best interest is always our top priority.

Wireless Management Services Include:

Wireless Sourcing

Leave the sourcing headache to us and let us re-negotiate your contract with your carrier. Because we have intelligence across many clients and all major carriers, we can leverage this insight for the best coverage at the lowest rates.

Wireless Telecom Auditing

An ongoing activity, auditing plays a key role in identifying expensive billing errors and other cost avoidance opportunities.

Cost Allocation & Reporting

From executive-level summaries, to individual employee usage, we provide transparent cost allocation of your wireless spending.

Wireless Optimization

Ongoing optimization allows us to identify errors deep within your wireless billings and to adjust rate plans for the highest level of cost avoidance possible.

Wireless Administration

The mountains of wireless invoices and hours on the phone with carriers are now on us – we handle all aspects of your wireless billings so you don’t have to.