Wireless Telecom Auditing

Intelligent Wireless Telecom Auditing

Are you 100% positive that you’re wireless billings are accurate?

If you are like most busy executives, chances are slim you answered yes. Don’t fret – it’s not your fault!

The truth is, most wireless carriers are only concerned about two things. (1) Providing exceptional coverage and service for customers, and (2) profit maximization.

Unfortunately, this means that carriers are not too concerned whether or not your organization is spending more than it should. This can equate to hundreds of thousands in unnecessary charges each month for large subscribers.

By performing ongoing wireless telecom audits, we are able to save costs by identifying:

  • Billing discrepancies and errors
  • Best available voice & data plans
  • Most cost effective mobile devices
  • Roaming and usage overages
  • Additional savings opportunities

Although one time audits are certainly beneficial, the process must be repeated continuously (along with other wireless management techniques.

As individual usage fluctuates, so do rate plans, device prices, and other ancillary charges. The dynamic nature of wireless mobility can end up costing your company big if not proactively managed.

Stop overspending today. If you are not currently auditing your wireless billings, please sign up for a free savings analysis. In 30 minutes, you will gain expert insight on the health of your organization’s wireless program. Click the button below to learn more.