Wireless Optimization

Wireless Optimization

Wireless optimization is a critical element of our comprehensive wireless management solution. Continual rate plan optimization is perhaps one of the most important aspects to achieving sustainable long-term cost avoidance.

With proactive wireless expense optimization, we can identify areas of excess spending. By adjusting current rate plans, we are able to drastically reduce overspending while providing clear, actionable steps to prevent future unnecessary costs.

Wireless rate plan optimization involves the ongoing analysis and adjustment of voice plans (primary and secondary), data plans, and other “add-ons”. Regardless of whether your current wireless environment is on a shared or pooled plan, rate plan optimization is absolutely necessary to keep mobile costs at low level.

Analysis & Reporting

Each month, our expert account analysts consult with clients to explain exactly what actions were taken with their wireless billings, what major concerns are present, and what opportunities exist for further wireless cost reduction.

Our robust wireless telecom cost allocation reporting highlights troublesome areas and allow us to discover billing discrepancies and errors. Areas of overspending can be drilled down to the individual user level allowing for granular insight on your organization’s current wireless spending.

To discover for yourself why some of the nations largest organizations trust their wireless expense management to The Bill Police™ and their patented system (U.S. patent # 7,486,944), click the button below to learn more.