Sprint Doubles Upgrade Fee to $36 & Increases ETF to $350

Sprint reports that their upgrade fee has risen to $36 for upgrades (all upgrades are subject, that is).

The funny thing to us is that Sprint shared it under the guise of a new upgrade plan which is good for at best $150 – with ALL rebates, offers and a 2 year agreement. Take that amount, subtract out the $36 upgrade fee, and you are back to $114 at best. If you don’t get the BEST price, you can be eligible for a $75 or $25 credit.

That math works out a bit worse: if you get the $75 credit, your net savings is $39 after the upgrade fee. If you are an unfortunate who only gets the $25 plan, then you will actually owe Sprint $11.

Sprint fees

The good news: Sprint will cap the upgrade fee at $150…very generous. You can check out the offer and fine print here.

If you are fortunate to have a wireless expense management provider who can help you navigate these charges, there are some work arounds, but that doesn’t mean you won’t “accidentally” be charged. Here at The Bill Police, we’re always on the lookout to help clients determine whether they qualify for these fees or if they overcharged “accidentally”.

Sprint Early Termination Fee Increased to $350

Sprint also announced a change to its Early Termination Fee (ETF) for customers with smartphones, tabs, laptops and netbooks. As of the 9th of September Sprint will start charging a $350 termination fee — the same as Verizon and AT&T. As is the case with all other ETFs, required by law, the fees will be pro-rated depended on the number of months left on a subscriber’s contract. The charge is a hefty step-up from its prior fee of $200.

As always, special terms can be negotiated depending on contracts and expertise so contact your WEM provider for help in reducing or eliminating these costs.

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